Pulse Flex - Phasey in Stereo?

Hi. Just got a pair and they just will not through a clear stereo image. Everything sounds phasey with no clear center image or really any kind of imaging that signals stereo.

My placement is not great - on a window ledge in the kitchen - but I heard this lack of image at the stereo store as well when they were set up “properly.”

Anyone else hear this? Should I return them for a pair of Sonos? Thanks for any guidance

Have you set them up correctly for stereo pairing? You need to do this with the BluOS app. Otherwise, I suspect both will receive a stereo signal. I’m guessing here, as I only have one Flex, but I think Roon sends stereo to one Flex and then the Flex handles the multi-player group.

Thanks Martin. I think so. I was told by my dealer to set up each speaker individually and update the firmware in the blue OS app. I did that. Then I created a grouped stereo pair. That’s how Roon sees them now.

I heard the phasing issue at the dealer using only blue OS. And I hear it at home using blue OS and Roon. Maybe these are not for me? I’d like to keep them as they integrate into Roon beautifully, and fit my space nicely.

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Because Bluesound build these speakers as a single stereo unit, with a wide soundstage, I’m thinking that you may need to treat them like Dali’s and have no toe-in whatsoever. Certainly, it’s worth a try. If not, I’d probably go for a Pulse Mini 2i rather than the Sonos.

Furthermore, I find that the Flex needs a good solid surface to perform, so again, positioning is important.

Spot on advice Martin. Pointing them straight ahead along with 36 hours of additional playing time has really opened things up and eliminated most of the phasey sound. Thanks very much for the help