Punctuation-period causing issues

I’m getting odd behavior with the 50th Anniversary Sgt Pepper. If two tracks in a row share a common title at the start (Disc 3? Mr Kite) I get two tracks grouped together as one

Being for the benefit of Mr 5:43
• Kite [Speech from…] 3:08
• Kite [Take 7] 2:35

If I take out the period after Mr, it breaks them apart again.


Same here - I thought it was just me!

Somewhere in the KB there’s an article about special characters that Roon can’t deal with. A period is probable a special character. I know a question mark is one.

There’s an easy fix for this and a better fix which addresses a whole class of similar issues. I’m on it…

So this is a development issue possible for future updates?

Any fix to this? It’s really annoying. I understand why it happens, but I should be able to overrride this, but I can’t figure out how. A search hasn’t helped.

Never mind. I found the answer here: How do I ungroup tracks?