Purchase Albums from Tidal

I know it sounds like anti value but for me I want to have personal copies if I love an album and I dont have it in my db.

Has anyone tried purchasing the albums from Tidal and any comments on the SQ with Flac files ?(i see FLAC /MP3)

I am sure that Tidal flac files will just sound like everyone elses. When I looked at their pricing a few months back it was a joke. Even Apple weren’t ripping people off as much as Tidal were. Plenty of other places to buy from with better pricing/choice.

I buy stuff from Tidal and happy with the quality and it’s still cheaper then buying records. Tidal has cut my monthly music spending in half.

Hello Jumbuck - it would be helpful if you can point to the places where you find better SQ and pricing ?

I checked at HDTracks for an album of interest. For Flac Tidal quoting $14 compared to $28 at HDTracks. Hence wanted to find out the difference in recording quality.

just foi - HDTracks metadata is complete and also mentions quality of speeds 24/44.1 etc but did not find it in Tidal.

thanks for your inputs. I will be trying it out.

I didn’t say better SQ, just better prices. I don’t buy 16/44 online (prefer to get CD and rip) but for HD stuff you can use www.findhdmusic.com to help find what you like and compare prices. A lot depends on which country you live in as to where you can buy from.

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this is Correct!.I live in India and online purchase have restrictions.

Tidal is just selling 16/44. So since its CD quality I rather just buy it From Tidal and not have to spend any time ripping it. I Buy Hi Res downloads from The high res sites, and go out shopping for records once a month.

Canada to.

is Metadata complete on tidal downloaded albums ?

Metadata seems complete to me. So basically I only buy stuff from Tidal if there is no High Res Albums or if I’m buying Hip Hop music.

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