Purchasing Nucleus from Roon

I see where the Roon Nucleus models are now available online only directly from Roon. But, on the Nucleus page, if you click the Buy Now link button, it sends you to an empty amazon.com page. So, how can it be purchased directly from Roon??

It can’t you be bought direct they sell it via the Amazon store front. This is for US only I believe and for online sales only no online only retailers are allowed to sell it. Everywhere else in the world its still via dealers and online retailers.

There is also a shortage of the boards for the Nucleus currently hence why it might not be available. Nucleus + is more widely available.

Just checked here in Amerika.

Nucleus doesn’t show anywhere in Amazon, whether out-of-stock or not.

Amazon US does not have any Roon product on its site, except Roon Remote software.

They may be currently out of stock. I remember that @danny said recently that there was a worldwide shortage of the Intel boards used in the Nucleus products.

If they were out of stock, but continuing with the product, they would still have it on the site. If it doesn’t show up at all, they will not be getting any more back in, or even doing it on a special order. Been there, done it on other product.

Not true. There are conditions that cause it to be “hidden”.

I’ll PM you

is there an estimated date when the Nucleus will be available to be purchased online from the Amazon Store Front?

OK…now I’m curious as well on why I don’t see it on amazon…??

I ordered and paid for a Nucleus + from a reputable dealer on August 2. They still have not received it. Originally I was told that there were some delays due changing the assembly to the U.S. from China. I was later told that was all fixed. I am still waiting for it to be sent to the dealer (the closest one to me is in another state). Has anyone else had to wait a month or more for a Nucleus + recently?

If I have to wait a few more weeks, I will survive. I would just like to know.