Pure Music 3 software

Can I use both my Meridian Explorer DAC and the equalization in my Pure Music 3 software with Roon?

I’d like to know the answer as well, but I’ll hazard a guess:

  1. Yes, and

  2. No.

If your DAC is functioning as expected, I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work well with Roon.

With PureMusic, the program acts as a player, but pulls tracks out of iTunes. In other words, PM is made to work hand-in-hand with iTunes. Other streams can be played, but require the pass-through driver, which I believe would knock out any EQ functions that PM provides.

Of course, I could be entirely wrong.

I use to use Pure Music.Don’t use iTunes any more.One thing I had to do when coming to Roon I had to remove the bookmarks in my Flac and DSD files which were required to work in Pure Music with I tunes.

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I sometimes switch between PM/iTunes and Roon/HQP. The moment I find HQP settings that provide the SQ that PureMusic provides, I’ll dump PM entirely.

When using PM, I kept my FLAC and DSD files in a folder, and pointed PM to them. In order to get them “into” Roon, I simply told Roon to watch that folder. Seemed to work well.

Okay I couldn’t get my files to play in Roon without moving bookmarks.

I guess I’m not as tech savvy as you. Can you help me configure Roon so that it:

  1. Chooses my iTunes library on my external HD (because it is 48khz instead of 44.1 on my internal HD).
  2. Will playback through Pure Music
  3. Will playback through Meridian Explorer

The quality I get using iTunes, PM, and Meridian is better than what I’m hearing in Roon. Would love to get the quality as well as the info Roon offers.
Thanks guys

Actually, I don’t play PureMusic with Roon, and I don’t know if that’s even possible. PureMusic has the PAD driver, which is supposed to ‘pass through’ for protected music and such, but I don’t bother.

I either play PureMusic with iTunes, which tends to produce the best sound quality (at the sacrifice of less music available), or I switch to Roon without PureMusic.

However you approach things, I don’t think it’s possible to take advantage of PureMusic’s SQ with Roon, since it just passes the signal along without modification… as far as I know.

As for 1), that’s a standard function of Roon. Go to Settings and choose the Storage tab, then point to your iTunes library area as a “Watched” folder.