Pure Static When Upsampling to DSD and Static with PCM

After no changes, I’m having several issues running Roon with HpQPlayer. Upsampling to DSD now only produces static (no music) and my NA8005 shows that it is receiving pcm, not dsd. HQPlayer is set to upsample to DSD as it always has. Additionally, PCM played through hqplayer has static along with the music. I’ve tried resetting my DAC, restarting and shutting down my mac pro, reinstalling hqplayer and the issue continues. Hqplayer is now essentially useless. If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

To isolate the problem: what happens when you play HQP stand-alone (without Roon) to your DAC?

The same static issues. Really have no idea why as nothing in my system has changed. It’s extremely frustrating.

The problem only occurs when using closed form or asdm7 or 2-wire in any combination. If I change to any other like poly everything works fine. Thoughts?

Does your DAC take DoP or native DSD ?
Which setting is ‘SDM Pack’ using in HQP ?
Can you upload a screenshot of your HQP settings ?

Edit: Why are you using 2-wire ? Does your DAC have provision for it ?

Great questions. To the best of my knowledge it does DoP via network streaming and DSD via USB. I’m using the DoP pack as that’s the only one available. I don’t know how to output DSD without choosing DoP.

My DAC says it’s supposed 2x which is why I tried it. Attached are screenshots… My preferences when dsd works and what my DAC shows when it’s working. Thanks again.

The “2wire” setting enables dual-wire channel bonding to achieve 2x higher sampling rates for both PCM and DoP-based DSD on those DACs that support this feature.

If your DAC doesn’t have physical connectors for dual-wire operation (ie: two coaxial inputs operating at 96k which combine to support 192k) then you’ll never need to tick this box.

The reference to 2x probably means it supports DSD128 (5.6 MHz) as well as DSD64 (2.8 MHz), which is a different thing from dual wire operation.

If the SDM Pack setting is incorrect, then you could expect to hear either nothing or static.

The NA8005 owners manual doesn’t have the word DoP in it when searched. You could try setting SDM Pack to none, which means native ASIO DSD, but I suspect the NA8005 does use DoP.

What sample rate are the files you are upsampling ? Closed-form filter only works with integer multiple output of input sample, so using a 48 kHz file will not work with usual DSD output sample rates. If you set the sample rate selection box on the main page to ‘Auto’ then HQP will default to the maximum output sample rate available for the selected filter. If your DAC doesn’t support that rate then that might be the problem.

You are far smarter than I. You are correct about the 2x and I was wrong about two wire. With a Mac and coreaudio, DoP is the only way if HQP doesn’t see my DAC doing native DSD. It does do DoP. I think the issue has been me trying closed form with 48 files, not 44.1. I think I am starting to figure it out. Thanks for all your help.

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It’s not a question of smarts. The problem is nomenclature, people saying different things using ambiguous language, or not explaining their terms.

You may have to use a poly-sinc filter for the 48k files, depending on what sampling rate outputs your DAC can accept.

I would respectfully disagree…I know my stuff re am smart when it concerns things like teaching 7th grade science, the grateful dead and cooking… The finer details of audio processing escape me… My lack of correct nomenclature and ambiguous language is a result of just not being smart with this stuff. I did get closed working with my 44.1 files… Haven’t tried my 96 or 192 files yet. Thanks again for your help, I could not have gotten it going without your assistance.

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Pleased to hear you can listen to the music. It is why we bother with all the other stuff.

I certainly wasn’t referring to you when I spoke about nomenclature or ambiguous language. It’s the manuals, specifications and marketing materials that I mean. Sorry if I came off as condescending.

Until July last year I used turntable, reel to reel and CD as sources, so I’m still very much a newbie compared to most of the old hands and devs.

I’ve listened to a smattering of Grateful Dead over the years, but haven’t fallen under their spell. I just put “Day of the Dead” from Tidal into my library and have been giving it a spin. I find it interesting listening to covers selected by other musicians, can provide a new view of something that didn’t initially grab me.

Very funny…I took it as you saying your answers weren’t smart and I went into teacher mode where my kids will say that they aren’t smash… Sorry for the confusion. I did get day of the dead and it’s pretty good. Thanks again for all your help.