Purple indicator on ROON remote

Having been reading about a purple indicator that indicates bit perfect but I only see a white indicator
do I have an issue?

Take a look at your signal path. That white light may have a purple tint to it. It’s not a super noticeable purple.

It is bright white no purple

Got it…/10 char

Hi Tom,

Are you using DSP? That white indicates enhanced signal path.

Cheers, Greg

Only on an endpoint but not in my main system

Can you post a screen shot of your signal path? That’d be helpful in diagnosing the issue.

Here is the screen shot

That looks purple to me.

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It’s the surrounding halo/sunburst that’s the color in question…the dot is as noted white

This is a good example, since it shows the difference between the symbol for bitperfect and that for enhanced.

So you are saying to me only the halo needs to be purple?

Yes, see the entry on Signal Path in the Knowledge Base.