Purple Light- Ethernet Cable?

I want to be sure I’m getting the best sound quality out of Roon for my main system. I was reading the “Sound Quality” knowledge base and it recommends using an ethernet cable from the Core to your main Output. My question is, if I’m already getting the “purple light” via Wi-Fi will there be an improvement if I hard wire the output with an ethernet cable?

Its all about bandwidth and stability really. Ethernet cabled will be the most stable and carry the highest resolution files. Wireless is subject to all sorts of potential performance and stability problems potentially even stemming from your neighbours.

But if the Purple Light is always on and I get no pops, clicks or drop-outs am I getting the same signal as I would with a hard connection?

Yes you are getting bit perfect.

Wi-Fi could, however, be injecting noise into the audio chain, increasing the noise floor. As an example, I’ve noticed that whilst using a USB wifi adapter with an ODROID C2 doesn’t make audible noise, listening whilst hooked up via Ethernet the noise floor is noticeably lower.

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Tony, thanks for the confirmation on the Purple Light being bit perfect even via Wi-Fi. That’s what I figured but Roons ethernet recommendation made me think it had to do with a Wi-Fi limitation of some sort (even if one has a solid connection and the Purple Light).

evand, that’s an interesting point. I may run a cable just to see if there is a noticeable difference.