Purple Rain - odd classification

Roon seems to be classifying this as an EP but I have no idea why. Any reason?


For me, Roon correctly classifies Purple Rain as album type ‘Soundtrack’. Please check if you also see the word ‘Soundtrack’ beneath the album artwork on the album page. On the artist page, soundtracks are always listed in the ‘Singles and EPs’ section, that’s why you may have the impression that the album has been considered an EP. I agree the name of the section is somewhat misleading.

If you would like to see Purple Rain listed among the other main Prince albums, you can go to the album editor and change the Album Type field to ‘Main’ instead.

Yes you are spot on that it was classified as Soundtrack which was fine but that really should be mapped to Album and not EP. So I have changed Soundtrack to Main which is better in my view but really it should be both Soundtrack and in Albums.


I agree, one for @Mike to think about.

I’ve opened a ticket. Thanks guys!