Pushing software changes

Ok now I have to say it I have been using Roon for close to 2 years and have been loving it. The problem is software creep, I was it manager for 25 yrs and have witnessed this too many times. You keep pushing out software “ upgrades” at a faster pace and what you are actually doing is downgrades. At this point my meta data quit updating, one of my 6 endpoints started dropping out and Qobuz is not connecting . You have to go slower and verify software is actually functioning properly on all platforms and do not keep bulking up the code so it won’t run on minimal platforms. Also keep in mind sometimes people who keep making request for changes may be whiners in nature ( I know I will get flamed for that but have whitenesses this first hand).


Freudian slip??

Spell checking likes to make fun of me. After 25 years IT it is my punishment.


…for this reason, there will surely be a new release soon and the team is waiting after your recommendation until there is more certainty from the testing that is already underway.

Who wanted could be unlocked for it. The support is newly set up has communicated much to the status. Temporarily solve many problems with a complete reboot of all devices, main memory upgrade, change of remote control devices… all topics you surely know or have read about. Still, everyone here understands how you feel.

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I understand how difficult it is because of the variation of the hardware platforms. I am using a I5 nuc with ropiee endpoints and they did work flawless for over a year. I would hate to loose this music platform as it does everything I could ask for the way it is.


I read this configuration here more often and there too reboots from the router to the audio device brought dead machines back to life. Suddenly everything went faster, the audio devices were back and the login to the services worked.

If the collection no longer grows great, the hardware can stay for years. I am one of those who do not like to change hardware and audio equipment.

Still have many pieces here well over a decade old. My Grundig V7000 is from the 80s.

I like to donate main memory and SSD for a better functioning Roon on very old machines.

That machines get stuck, I know over all decades and sometimes it only helps to give the core a short rest.

Well happy to report reboots resolved issues.


…and I am glad to have read your post. It shows what Roon is for us:

  • Immensely important and loved when everything works great.

  • Disappointed and frustrated when things don’t work out that way.

  • hope for a community and a team that supports

  • Patience and right approach in finding temporary and overall solutions

By the way, you have brought a right thought into the community. We should consider well with all function wishes whether it really makes what we have better. Releases driven by support and not marketing should determine the short intervals and in the long term (annually) can be worked on the fnction scope cautiously and thoughtfully further. Always in the circle of power users and inquirers first test.

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I like when bug correction updates come faster, new features I can wait.

I feel my roon server running on the Synology was faster when they migrated to a new platform on Linux, now feels a little slower, a little only but to a point I notice.

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I thought it was related to me changing isp, I changed to ATT and I could not make it work with a router downstream of theirs. I tried bridging it rolling different DNS servers and it would never resolve host names in a timely manner. Final I stuck with their router and used a D-link range extender that does not creat new ssid to log into, just passively extends the range of the Wi-Fi. I have 3 hard wired endpoints and 4 wireless and they all perform the same. However the Android tablets get hung from time to time.

Roon is like a wife/girlfriend. It’s great when she puts out, but is she really worth the trouble?


It has worked without flaw for almost 2 years so I would have to say it is worth it. My wife/girlfriend never put out daily for that long.


2022 I knew that was coming. LOL

Funny, my wife says Roon is like a man.

Sometimes it works perfectly well
Sometimes it flat out refuses to work
Sometimes it just likes to make life difficult when all she wants to do is enjoy it
Sometimes its output doesn’t respond in a timely fashion or in the way she would like :grin:


This is the ‘selective hearing’ that all husbands have.

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I agree QOBUZ is not working probably. I have use it outside of Roon

With all due respect Bill (and I am am sorry you are having issues) I have had zero issues with any upgrade, minor or major. If software were pushed at a slower rate would that ensure your issues would not occur? I get your frustrated. Smaller incremental changes can be dealt with easier than major releases.

I agree, the last couple versions have not been stable. It used to be perfect with fewer upgrades.

Isn’t it an accepted fact within the IT community that the process of ‘upgrading’ software is that of replacing one bug with a different bug elsewhere in the code ?

Software was only certified as ‘clean’ when none of the users had noticed the new bugs for at least a month.

I speak as someone with some fifty enjoyable years of IT management - ‘in the game’ so to speak.

That’s right. All code contains bugs and some are never reported or are reported decades later. Everyone in the IT industry knows this.

Every software company sells us the idea of selling the best, most stable and feature-rich Software. Whether this is really true for our use case, everyone must check for themselves.

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