Put Discover on Left Nav and make Home configurable

I have a large library and love the Discover feature. I haven’t used 1.8 long enough to know whether I like it or not, but not having quick access to Discover on the left nav is major set back.

Please put it back asap. Scrolling through all the other home-page content is just annoying and inconvenient for me.

Long term, having a configurable module based home would be ideal. Let us users decide what features we want front and center and which get buried miles below the fold.


Agree strongly.

Something I had asked for in 1.7 happened, though no one else had commented about it, then or now, that I’ve seen: The “Labels” category has been eliminated in Discover. It had been there a lot, maybe 20% of the content, but I never looked at a category of releases by a particular label in Discover. Glad it is gone.

Even better would be ability to configure Discover as well as Home.

I also support Discover having direct access. It’s one of my main ways to access my library. The click and scroll to bottom of page is inconvenient. But perhaps the Roon guys have stats and no it’s not used so much?

And while you’re doing that please also make the left-nav menu configurable. The more entries the menu has the more likelihood that you’ll have to scroll the menu to get to something that’s normally off the bottom of the screen. I suspect most people have at least a few items on the menu that they never use so a page in settings with simple toggles for each menu item to say whether it should be displayed on the menu or not would I suspect allow quite a few users to create a menu that they never have to scroll. Even better would be customisation that also allowed users to reorder the menu items that are displayed so that their most frequently used items, e.g. Discover in this case, are towards the top.

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