Putting Away The Christmas Lights

As pleasant as Christmas/Holiday music is, after the New Year I want to tuck the tracks away until the next November, far away from the Roon Radio or any possible Playlist incursions.

The only tactic I’ve come up with is: to Focus on Holiday; Select All; and Export the tracks to a separate Storage folder where they can be enabled or disabled.

Just excluding the tracks via Focus for each and every playlist seems tedious, and I wouldn’t know how to exclude them from Radio.

Any simpler solutions? Any drawbacks to this plan other than the upfront hassle? Thanks!

I also use focus within Tracks to exclude the genre ‘Holiday’ and have it saved as a bookmark. When I want to shuffle, I just start there. I set this up a while back and though I don’t think I can say it’s been perfect, I don’t hear jingle bells or other holiday sounds very often.

You can’t just hide them and unhide them when you want to play them again?

Thanks Dave, sitting right there in the options. Missed it. I assume hiding works with Radio, too. If it doesn’t, I’ll report back.

Store them in a specific hard drive folder. Then you connect and disconnect (disable) the storage drive location (folder).

Yes, that was what I was about to do, Robert, then along comes the idea of just hiding them. Seems to work for playlists, and so far works for the Radio. Not sure of the pros/cons of each, other than that hiding is easier. One con might be that hiding is also used for different versions of an album, and unhiding one set means unhiding the other. Sounds like a bit of a tossup.