Putting the lone movement back to the works


How can I put the lone 4th movement together with other 3 movements as complete Symphony No.2?

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Hi @Cheung_Hon_Wah,

Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing what you’d like to accomplish and also, thanks for your patience while we had a chance to reply.

Have you seen the article below that guides you to arrange the grouping of tracks?

Rebeka, that’s not going to help @Cheung_Hon_Wah, I’m afraid. The Fix Track Grouping is for grouping tracks within albums.

What is needed in this case is fixing the tagging of multi-part works. This is described in the “Tagging multi-part works” section of this article:

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Brilliant intervention @Geoff_Coupe - thank you very much for jumping in!

@Cheung_Hon_Wah, please, check out the article @Geoff_Coupe mentioned :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@beka, we may not be out of the woods just yet. If @Cheung_Hon_Wah has this album as local files in the Roon Library, then editing of the metadata can be done.

However, if the album is sourced from a streaming service (Tidal or Qobuz), then we can’t use the work/part metadata editing on streamed files.

I’ve just looked at my copy of this album, which comes from Qobuz, and see the same problem.

Thus, the metadata problem is upstream, and needs to be fixed at source: by the metadata provider.

Can you pass this on to your Roon colleague who deals with these sorts of issues? Thanks.

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You got it, @Geoff_Coupe! Thanks for the thorough investigation :sunglasses:

Hi @Cheung_Hon_Wah

We have a ticket in on this, but I can’t provide any timeframes yet as there is a bit of complexity that goes into this. We appreciate the report!

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Yes, my track order is fine,I double checked, also the file metadata is come with the HDtracks download, the works organization is adopted from ROON Metadata providers. My temporary fix is applying older Philips 9CD releases to replace the metadata for Digital Download, and create Disc 10 for the extra tracks for Te Deum.

I resume this discussion to further highlight the problems I encountered using “Work” “Section” “Part”.
First of all I would like to reiterate how useful these 3 fields are. Not only for classical music but also for all other genres where the classic style is often used (eg “progressive”). Often some tracks are part of a higher group (suite with a specific name that includes several tracks with different titles, or act, or chapter …)

Another example where I consider them very useful are in all those cases where the album contains bonus tracks, demos, live, alternative mixes, radio edits, etc …

Using these metadata, you can create groups of songs within the album (example: “Album” with all the tracks on the album and “Bonus Tracks” with the bonus tracks). So you can click on “play now” at the “Album” level and you will only listen to that.

To do this I had filled in the “Work” field with “Album” and “Bonus Tracks”; the “Part” field with the title of the song.

Unfortunately I noticed some problems: If I play “Album” in the “now playing” screen I don’t see the title of the track that is currently playing but I have to look under “parts” (annoying but not serious problem). A major problem is that everything contained under the same name work is considered a single track. So, for example, “shuffle” will play all “Album” or all “Bonus Tracks” as if it were a single song.
Another problem is that by filling in the “Work” field, Roon no longer recognizes the versions of the songs (the number next to the title of the track which indicates how many versions of that song are in my library)
If you were able to solve these problems, using these 3 fields would be a very powerful tool to improve the listening experience and have a more detailed and specific library.

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