QNAP 251 Ethernet wired connection vs WiFi?

Hi, I’m totally new to NAS and need some help. I’ve been using USB from my Mac mini to a dCS Vivaldi up sampler - which acts as a UPNP renderer. The VNC WiFi interface to I tunes being the main ‘issue’. So moved to a NAS And NETGEAR R6250 router to enable use of either the dCS or other app to run my library.

Initially I’ve used the NAS hard wired via the router to the dCS - this works but has no internet connection to enable Roon.

I then assigned my router as a ‘bridge’ linking via WiFi to my home network which is based on the poor performing SKY BROADBAND router. Roon can access the Internet ok but playback is via the Mac mini over the USB connection when what I want is the Mac mini to cut as a ‘controller’ but the audio to be distributed from NAS via the Ethernet hard wire.

I expect I’ve misunderstood something fundamental and hope for some quick education.


Hi Mandy,
If the Roon Core is installed on the Mini, then the audio stream will always go through it. The Core does the processing and then sends the stream to the available endpoints. You’ve probably seen the FAQ topics which are a good introduction to various Roon concepts. I attempted an explanation of the architecture here.

If you’ve got any particular queries arising from the above, be pleased to help.