QNAP - can it act as an output?

I have Roon Core running on a Mac Mini with a networked Meridian endpoint to output to my amp. I’ve recently also been looking into getting a Qnap TS-251+ server for video files (not music).

Question: Can I use the Qnap to act as an endpoint? If so, can it output multichannel via the HDMI to my hdmi-enabled amp?

I’ve quite a few multichannel SACD rips but only ever listened to them in downmixed stereo.

You can try to run something like e.g.:


Dockerfile for RoonBridge on Linux x86_64

Roon data files are stored in /var/roon.

You currently must use the “host” networking driver with this.

Note: I have not tested this, but seems like it should work =)

Look at your Roon remote and see if the HDMI port can be enabled. If is seen by Roon you can attempt to enable it.

You can also install RoonServer on the qnap without even using or authorising it as a core. The audio devices should be seen by your Mac Mini core then.



I’ have a QNAP TS-251 and used it to output multichannel SACD rips via the HDMI to my Pioneer Elite receiver. Sounded great. If I recall correctly, I simply added the QNAP as an endpoint…also had to change a setting in the QNAP. Will review my settings and let you know once my network is back online in a few minutes.


I’m running my Core off an USB SSD attached to the QNAP TS-251 whose hard drives have my music library. On Roon’s Audio settings, I activated the “HDA Intel PCH” endpoint and am using the following settings:


I thought that there was a setting in the QNAP I had to adjust to activate the HDMI out but can’t find it now. (I could be wrong.) In any case, didn’t need to use Docker nor install RoonServer on the QNAP.

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Where is your core running, when not on the QNAP? There’s no chance AFAIK, that the QNAP is showing up in Roon as endpoint, if Roon isn’t running in any of it’s incarnations (Server, Control, Bridge) on it.

That’s what my QNAP TBS-453a running Roon Core reports:

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My Core is running on an SSD USB drive attached to the front of the QNAP (USB 3.0). Both the QNAP and the USB drive are always on.

The “HDA Intel PCH…” was vague and had be stumped in the beginning. It was only after enabling that I discovered it was my QNAP.

Here’s what my setting screen looks like now. Before I enabled the QNAP as an endpoint, it also had the “Enable” option.

I would suggest enabling the HDMI endpoint that you want to use to connect to your receiver.

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Thanks everyone, I’ll report back once I have got this and tested it.

Well I finally got around to getting a QNAP TS-251+ for video playback. As per @crieke 's suggestion (thank you Christopher!) I installed RoonServer onto it and, once assigned a folder to store its database, I did nothing else on the QNAP. Hey presto, the QNAP appeared in the Roon Remote. The audio setting defaulted to 2.0 playback, but I realised this after only a few minutes of head scratching and I’m now listening to multichannel music as it was recorded. Very happy.

Edit: just noticed that Roon is downsampling to 44.1 so I’ll have to have a look at why that’s happening. It should be 88.2.

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Hello thread,

I’m new to Roon and Qnap. I just got a snazzy new Qnap TVS-473e with the intention of using it as a Core, and connecting it via USB directly to my McIntosh MA6700 integrated amp. On the Qnap interface, the Roon Server recognizes my amp:

However, when I go to my Controller (iPhone or PC), the amp doesn’t appear as an output:

I know the amp will play USB audio from the Qnap, as I’ve managed to achieve this with Qnap’s own Music Station app. And when I use my PC as the Core, also no issues. But I would ideally like to (1) use Roon instead of Qnap’s app, (2) only keep the Qnap on all day and not my PC as well, and (3) avoid sticking another box between the Qnap and the amp.

I’m fairly certain my problem is a software/setting/driver-type issue, and from the Qnap Roon Server log files I can see that it gets caught in some kind of loop, but I’m not smart enough to know how to diagnose and fix it. I’m guessing that @crieke and you other dudes are though. Can someone help?

I am facing exactly the same situation, but with an asustor nas. Roon does not see it as an usb audio device

Solved. I had to install asustor media player (sounds good is the name), to get the ALSA usb output enabled.