QNAP: Cannot connect to Roon anymore

Core Machine

QNAP TS-670 Pro, i7-3770T with 2,50 GHz, 16 GB RAM

Network Details

Only Ethernet, no WLAN

Audio Devices

some RPi, Chromecasts, Lumin T2, SOtM Neo,…

Today I can’t connect anymore to Roon.
Restarted Roon Core → no success
Restarted whole NAS → no success

I’ve log files, where you can see, that ROON will not found any audio devices etc.
How to send the zip to the support?

Shared the log download_2021-05-10_06-46-04.zip to the support.

Please check that you’re not a victim of the Qlocker ransom ware.

No, I’ve let run the malware remover since a few weeks, without any problems.

While waiting for support, I’ve done more things:

  • Reinstall Roon Core → no success
  • Rebooted switches (managed netgear GS116 and Cisco SLM2008) → at first no success, but after restarting Roon two times, I’ve got a connection an now it seems to run.

But: What was the cause for the problem? I’m running Roon since today over a year without problem.

Golden rule of any IT support desk. Power cycling solves 80%.

Hasn’t solved anything here :wink:

Yep. The remaining 20% are incidents or even problems :grimacing:

My guess is missing multicast packets. Routers exhibiting this after a few months is not uncommon. People find it hard to believe their network infrastructure is buggy because web browsing works normally even if multicast fails.


Yes, it must be something in this area.
In former times, I’ve used some VLANs for a video multicasting system and I’ve that I’d removed the special settings for it on all my managed switches.
Have to check all my managed switches settings.

Every port :wink:

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