QNAP Core - Do you really need SSD drive?

Apparently you can used the QNAP branded QM2 card as cache or storage - see video at 18:10s

Taking the plunge and will re-post later this month with results.


See my previous post, I tested it and proved that you can create a Pool and a Volume on a M2 SSD strip connected to a QM2-2P card. Even with the current QTS 4.3.4

Sorry for the confusion. I must have skipped the last sentence.
I deleted my posts above, as they seemed to be (unintentionally) wrong.

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You don’t need to apologise for the confusion, QNAP should :slight_smile:
As I already wrote: where else can you install these M2 format strips? Not in the regular HD bays.

Bottomline: as far as I can see there is no limitation!
Which is is a good thing because the QNAP x73e build-in M2 slots and the additional slots on the QM2 cards are a nice way to expand the functionality of the NAS beyond the main bays.