QNAP directly connected and still “loses” meridian end point

Hi all

Full spec i7 and full memory.

I always got drop outs on Roon when sometimes it would “lose” my 861v8

Finally hard wired directly into the NAS so Roon is directly connected to 861

It still drops and loses the meridian end point !!!

Drives me mad

Any ideas of what to check

9TB music library

My end points are also dropped when running from my Qnap NAS.

Is it an USB or Ethernet connection from the Meridian to the QNAP?

Ethernet. Direct cable into back of NAS not even through a switch now.

Glad I’m not alone but would love to figure why. I barely have anything else on the NAS but music.

This is so annoying. Nothing suspicious. Just kept dropping endpoint on 861v8. Nothing hogging, nothing hogging nas processor.

Any more ideas guys. Actually talking about “what other than Roon” is possible.

Does it come back? Right away? When you use/operate (resume from stand-by, changing volume, switching input) your 861?

Note: A cable usually has two ends and a connection can be dropped on either end.

It loses end point and then after about 8-10 seconds it comes back. Press play again and some time later does the same.

You can also search the forum to see if other Meridian users might have experienced the same or ask about it in the Meridian sub-forum or just open up a support request in the support section of the forum.

I literally don’t even know what that means!

Yeah I agree - support ticket needed me thinks!

Weird one - all other endpoints (my iMac, iPhone, Apple TV) are all connected through either power line networks or even Wi-Fi, and no other connection drops…

So looks like something between 861 and Roon Server. Weird - Roon Server working fine with everything else!