QNAP Library backup configuration

Good morning!

I have NAS TS-473 with RAID (1+2) discs for Roon Library (6T)
3rd disc with same capacity is for backup (6T) - now it is empty,
and a small SSD 240GB for application.

How should I configure a 3rd disc for Roon Library backup?

Could You give some clues step by step please?

Thank You Mario

Hi Mariusz,
I don’t know if this might be an option too: I do a backup of my media files to a cloud service. (backblaze b2). Can be easily set up with QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync.

Roon’s internal database backup (which contains no media files) does its backup to another shared folder of that NAS.

For sure it is a good option (I think not for free) , but I have a 3-rd SCSI drive designed especially for backup.

I configured 3-re drives as Snapshot , and 14 days backup for RAID (main library).
I hope someone can confirm if it is a proper configuration ?