QNAP Library Not Populating after Backup - Forced Rescan not working

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QNAP T251+

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Description of Issue

restored roon backup after installing new SSD, I cannot seem to add music from my shared drive on my QNAP. Forced rescan does not seem to work, I’m not sure what’s wrong wondering if it’s a permissions issue but I’ve ensured read access is on. Strange problem, used to work. I’ve tried removing the folder re-adding, i’ve tried moving the music to a different path still the same issue. I’ve stop/started the roon server still not working.

Any feedback appreciated, thank you!

EDIT** i just noticed this thread, seems like an old issue. The workarounds dont seem to work other than adding a network share and pointing to the IP that will scan the files. Seems like an old issue since January?

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