QNAP music folder as share

How do I add the QNAP’s existing music folder as a share to Roon? Current hardware:

  • Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retnia 15 8 GB
  • Meridian MS600
  • Meridian G65
  • Meridian Prime Amp
  • Boulder 865 Amp
  • Wilson Audio Sophia 3
  • Control 10

I have already installed the Roon software and integrated tidal and iTunes. Roon was able to find the MS600 and iTunes. Now I want to integrate my QNAP with Roon. How do I go about doing that?

In addition, when I played music with my control 10 I played it through my G65 in home theater bypass through the Boulder and used the MSR control. With Roon set up as control do I use the MSR as a remote for volume control or the macbook? Do I need to enable internal speaker built in output and use exclusive mode? Also am I controling the volume through my macbook under system output? These are rudimentary questions but any assistance you can provide to walk me through this is much appreciated! Roon looks very slick much better than sooloos. Once I’m up and ready I look forward to listening to my music in a new and interesting way. Thanks in advance!


In order to access the music on your QNAP you need to go to settings and add the QNAP network path.

Before doing this please make sure that your QNAP is running the SMB protocol. You do this by enabling Microsoft Networking on your QNAP.

You then need to type in the network path under settings / storage like this: smb://IP address of your QNAP/Music directory

My path looks like this: smb://


I moved your postings to a new topic, because you answered in another thread which was unrelated.

Did you sort out your problem?