QNAP NAS blocking Sonore upnp bridge

I am trying to get my Roon endpoint (a Sonore upnp bridge) to connect to my Roon Core (a QNAP HS-251) without success.

I had Andrew Gillis from Sonore ‘remote in’ to try and figure out what was going on. He told me it was the NAS that was blocking access. Therefore for my next question how do I ‘poke a hole’ in the QNAP firewall to allow the Sonore bridge to access the core?

Not that it’s relevant, but the actual device that is playing back the music via the Sonore device is a Naim UnitiQute 2 which isn’t Roon compliant.

The QNAP FAQ How to make your Turbo NAS more secure? covers the available security related options on a QNAP NAS. A firewall is not included.

I did not say it was a firewall issue just that it seemed to be a network issue of some kind. Could be with your router or just the way you have your network setup. Email or call me if you need more help getting this working,