QNAP NAS RoonServer Autostart

Hi there,
I am new here. I installed Roon on QNAP NAS TVS482, but when it does a Reboot because I scheduled to switch off during the night RoonServer app does not start automatically. What can I do to get an autostart?
Thank you for your help

Take a look at the following KB article and reach out to Chris Rieke @crieke for help. Maybe provide versions of the qpkg and QTS.

Hi Thomas,
does Roon Server also not start when you manually perform a reboot of your TVS-472?
Can you take a look in the system logs of your QNAP. Just use a filter on “Roon” as shown in the screenshot below. Are there any entries in the timeframe of the reboot?

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Hi Christopher,
thank you. It seems I was not patiently enough.
After a manueal rebbot the RoonServer has started as it should!
Sorry for that.

By the way: Great job!!

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A nightly shut down seems like a really inefficient way to use the NAS. Mine takes a good 10 minutes to load up all the apps and processes after a reboot.

If you are worried about power consumption and/or noise, have you experimented with the sleep option?

Each to their own, but I have my QNAP on a scheduled start. Monday to Friday with no one in the house doesn’t seem much point to have it booted, so it is scheduled to start around 30 minutes before my Wife gets home from work, it then shutsdown an hour or so after we are safely tucked up in bed! It does remain on from a Friday evening through the weekend.

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Wow. I have mine on all the time. I only reboot it once a month when new software is available.