QNAP NAS setyp - HELP Please!

I am trying to set up my QNAP TS-251+ as my roon server. When I go to the roon Download page and click on “QNAP x64 NAS (qpkg)” it does not download any app, it just takes me to a webpage titled “Roon Server on NAS”. How do I download the actual app to install on my QNAP NAS?

Read the KB article, then follow the suggested link to Christopher Rieke’s site for additional information. There you’ll find the links.
Atb Mike

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I have roon server downloaded on my QNAP but the app will not open. Any ideas?

I would say it’s easier to download the QNAP qpkg-file to your computer, and from the same machine enter your QNAP’s administration page.
Go to the Appcenter and there click on this small icon:
In the following dialogue you browse to the qpkg-file on your computer and then press Install.

Please note that you must follow the instructions in the section “Preparation” on Chris’ site creating the exact shares on your SSD beforehand!

Thanks for the provided tips, @Mikael_Ollars!

How’s the install process going @David_Asrael? Are Chris’s instructions helping you get sorted out?


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