QNAP Package Update available! (Version 1.0.1)

Hello everyone,
The Roon support made me aware of an issue with the initial RoonServer installer package. It occurs when the user tries to send a support package to the Roon development team: This support package is normally created in the /tmp directory. In case of QNAP this directory has only a few megabytes of capacity and it can run full which lead to error messages in the QNAP Notification panel. If you received those notifications, just perform a reboot.
With this new Version 1.0.1 this issue should not reoccur and the RoonServer has now its own “tmp” directory.

I recommend anyone who uses the package on the QNAP to update to the new version. (Just install the new version again in the QNAP App Center.)

The download link on my website has already been updated.


Thanks, @crieke! I’ve just updated and everything seems to be running well.

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Hi Chris

Roon on my iMac says my Qnap’s Roon Server version is Roon Server 1.2

But under App Centre on my Qnap it says Roon Server 1.0

Is this normal that they state different version numbers. I was under the impression that the app on my Qnap will update automatically.

I’m asking this question right before I update to 1.0.1 which I am about to do now. I only just noticed the two different version numbers.

Many thanks in advance and apologies if these are silly questions



1.2 is the version of Roon server.
1.0 at the app centre is the version of the installation script.

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With the risk of asking the obvious;
Will i need to perform backup/restore of my library? ReIndex my Collection?

ATB Mike

When performing an update of the qpkg, everything in your RoonServer environment will be the same to the state before (your RoonServer share, where your RoonServer database is saved, and your music files won’t be touched.)

But a backup never hurts. :wink: