QNAP - Qobuz Issues

During the last week I have had repeated occasions when I am able to select Qobuz from the Roon menus and browse to album level, but as soon as I try and open an album and then play it Roon just hangs. I tried restarting the control point, logging in and out of Qobuz, but to not benefit. The only solution seems to be to reboot Roon server (running on my QNAP NAS).

I’ve has do do this 3 times now and its very irritating! Anyone having similar problems with ideas how to resolve?

Hey @Peter-Marc_Fortune,

We’re so sorry to hear about this and to hear about this so late. Please, accept our apologies for the delay :pleading_face:

I was wondering if this is still an issue? It might have been related to some Qobuz server outages.

Please, let us know if we can still help :nerd_face:

Thanks - it was terrible for a few days but I haven’t had any problems in last 48 hours so I suspect it was related to the server issue you have shared.
Unfortunately Qobuz themselves didn’t flag the outage so it wasn’t possible from an end user perspective to know if the problem lay with Qobuz or Roon.
Thanks for your response - I’ll reflag if it reoccurs.