QNAP qpkg Latest Update

The updated version of the QPKG-Version: 2021-10-03 (October) is now available in the QNAP App Store. The install went as expected and Roon is functioning correctly, no hickups so far. The previously installed ffmpeg file was transferred automatically. Thanks again to @crieke for all his hard work!


Only for clarification:
It depends on the installed version of the QTS and different QNAP models have different (latest) QTS versions.
The new Roon package is at the moment only available for QTS 5.0 and 4.5.3/4.5.4.
For my NAS the latest QTS is 4.3.6 and there isn’t any update for the Roon package.


Same for me with QTS version no update available in AppStore.
@kevin any idea?

I have just updated my TVS 471 with no issues… All good, thanks

Did the upgrade on QTS and none of my clients can find my Core. If I do ‘Select a different core’ my server shows up but if I connect it’s a fresh clean instance, all my music & settings are gone

I’m exactly in the same situation

I have this version of Qnap

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Hi Chris, it might be wise not to show your Server Name & Serial Number. Hope you don’t mind me saying.

Just for clarity, I was running QTS 5.0.0 1828 when I installed the new qpkg version on a TS-873A. I see there are a few posts in various sections about this install. It may be best for a Moderator to combine them.

Still no issues this end after an extensive listen last night. Hope the rest of you get this sorted soon.

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Good idea, edit done…

@crieke any ideas?

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I don’t know if a new package or QNAP latest firmware but we’re doing the same as some time back - Roon is the only thing running on my NAS and upon opening it’s maxing out the RAM and just grinding to a halt. It did this some time back when I thin ka new firmware was dropped so likely QNAP messing with something and Roon spiraling out of control :slight_smile:

Seems dependent on the version number the QNAP firmware. Hopefully @crieke @kevin can provide some feedback.

Hello All,
Update at QNAP TS-473A with QTS 5.0.0 211020 (1128) worked fine without any issues.
Player are all Bluesound Node 2i.

Is the 2021-10-03 QPKG Update the version for further improvements on Linux?


Good feedback is also a feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi Peter, Good to hear your update went well and I agree positive feedback when deserved isn’t used enough these days.

According to the literature from Roon the 2021-10-03 qpkg has the necessary updates for their future update on Linux.

Thanks Scotav. I hope you are fine as well!

Sad not a single feedback here about when the Update will be available for OTS 4.4.3 which other users are having too. :-/

Sorry, I have been away, visiting my family.
Technically there is no restriction in the app, not to install the app on QTS 4.4.3 (even though I only ran tests on QTS 4.5.x and 5.0). I will ask QNAP for info about it.
In the meantime, it should also work to just download the app from the QNAP App Center web view and install it manually on QTS 4.4.3.


Thanks (and hope you had a good time).
Yes not listing the Roon app in the QNAP appcenter for 4.4.3 and other OTS versions confused me and many users. Hopefully QNAP can fix this soon.

Also thanks, from my side.
Installed now the package manually to QTS 4.3.6 and it seems to work without problems.

The beta version also works perfectly on my QTS 4.4.3! Thank you so much @crieke - with his help discovered that I had some specific problem on my personal QNAP installation. So great to see this working and everything is a tad snappier.

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