QNAP, ROON and Naim

I have been trying to install Roon on my QNAPs (TS231 and TS412). At the moment I have Roon on a Mac mini.
I cannot find the Roon App on my QNAPS - are they too old?

Ideally I want to feed into my Naim NDS; I had hoped that the Roon Bridge would help me do that but my system is not discovered by Roon on my Mac mini.

Please give me some advice.

Stephen, you may wish to browse this sub-forum … https://community.roonlabs.com/c/roon/qnap-synology which is dedicated to running the Roon core on a QNAP or Synology NAS.

I believe that the Roon Core app for QNAP is only available for the Intel processor models such as the TS-451, your NAS’ have ARM processors ?

Specifics for getting all this to work with non-Roon ready Naim kit are covered in this topic … How can I get my Naim ND5XS network player running with Roon?


thanks got it sorted now.