QNAP Roon Server Memory leak?

(Mark) #24

Rebooting the whole NAS is unnecessary. Just restart the Roon server app.

I’ve had on/off memory leaks for as long as I’ve had it installed on my NAS. It’s unclear whether this is down to some flaw in f the Roon code or its interaction with the NAS firmware. I think I’ve read about instances of ROCK installations needing to be rebooted from time to time, for example.


Thanks. Will try it next time.

(Mark) #26

Hi @noris

Roon Server has gone a little crazy in the last 24h

(Noris) #27

Hi @browellm,

Thanks for the report, I do agree that it is indeed high memory usage. I have taken a look at the diagnostics from your QNAP and I am seeing traces that indicate that this could be related to the Squeezebox Transporter you have. Can I please ask you to perform this test?

  • Try to reproduce the same issue
  • Once the high RAM usage is present, physically disconnect the Transporter you have from the network
  • Note the exact local time (ex. 5:57PM) that you disconnect the Transporter
  • Take a look to see if the RAM usage remains the same or if it starts decreasing over a period of a few hours
  • If it doesn’t start decreasing then reboot your Core with the Transporter still disconnected and verify if the RAM starts rising again while playing back to a different zone

Please let me know if you are able to run this test and your results when possible and I will discuss the findings with the team.


(Mark) #28

Will do Noris. It might be a while now as I had to restart the core after taking that screenshot since the ram usage was affecting operation of the NAS.

Next time it happens I’ll follow your steps and report back.