QNAP Roon Server not working with 2nd volume after 2021-10-03 update

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Linux x64/QNAP NAS/831

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sotm sms-200Ultra streamer
Chord Dave + M Scaler dac

Description Of Issue
After upgrading the QNAP package, Roon no longer starts. I’m using a dedicated SSD 256GB drive for the Roon database which is on volume 2.
I also installation “Roon Server” on this SSD, just to have everything fast.

But on this new version, I can’t pick the share from my volume 2 (SSD) as my database. I can pick the one from volume1 which runs on slow HDDs.

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Interestingly my second volume was missing a linux link file under the /share directory.
After adding it, I was able to set my database folder to the 2nd volume.

Howerver now the Roon is installed in additional top level directory ‘RoonOnNAS’.
Don’t see a reason why this was added.
I had to manually copy my roon database under the ‘RoonOnNAS/RoonServer’.

Now it works fine, but had to spend 2 hours to figure out what is wrong.

I may be having the same issue. I cannot connect to Roon core 1.8 build 831 or restore a backup. The Roon UI says the core is ready but when I hit “connect” I’m asked to login. Once I login the Roon icon just spins forever. If I select “restore a backup” and select a backup (build 814), it goes through the process, tells me a database update is required, and then dies on the vine as before. It just won’t recognize the core.

Same here. There’s obviously something wrong with the update.

Same here, just the icon…

Same issue here (QNAP TVS-672N).

Hey @StefanK,

We’re so sorry we’re only replying today, almost three weeks after your post. It’s not from lack of wanting :pensive:

I was wondering, did the latest Roon update (currently build 850) help at all with this?

Hi @rebeka,

Actually I’ve managed to fix the issue directly after the QNAP package update (see my next post in this topic). Whatever change was done in Roon in the follow up release did not have any impact on my installation (good or bad).

I think the real issue with the updated QNAP package was that it now expects the Roon database in a subfolder ‘RoonOnNAS’. Previously I was able to use a dir I wanted.

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