Qnap sleep then core connection trouble

I recently installed an SSD usb3 disk RoonServer connected to my QNAP NAS. I have the QNAP set to sleep at night but when I wake it in the morning and try to connect to the core, it connects like a brand new setup. The options for the email sign in or find a backup are there with the core name. It finds the core no problem, just not all the saved information.

If I restart the NAS, everything connects normally and all my saved settings exist. I will cancel the sleep option for now but is there anyone who has figured out why this happens? Is there any option to just restart the Roon Server on the QNAP without rebooting everything?

Hi @David_Mellen,

Just to verify here — Once you login to Roon after this does your library immediately show up, or is this like a completely new install and you have to re-import everything?

No library. Just a completely new install after NAS wakes from sleep.

Once I reboot the NAS, then my library is there.

Hi @David_Mellen,

Thanks for the info here! I’ve discussed this with the team and we are looking into this behavior you’re reporting — We will be sure to keep you updated here with next steps.

Hi David,
Could you let me know, with what filesystem the usb ssd has been initialized (NTFS, FAT, exFAT, ext3, ext4…)?

Ext4 filesystem on the USB SSD.

I did have the core on the hard drive of the NAS while I was trying out the software and when it woke from sleep Roon worked fine.
Once I decided to keep using Roon, I backed up everything, deleted my RoonServer files on the hard drive and installed the SSD as per How do I create a shared folder on my external SSD, please help me! (QNAP TS253A)

My Roon Database is on an external ssd (USB) as well. But I never used the sleep mode (yet). I will look into it and report back…

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