QNAP still shows version 1.0.1?

I updated the core on my QNAP via control on MBP. Also updated remote on iPhone and iPadAir, and MBP. App Center in QNAP shows Roon version to be 1.0.1. Should I reinstall?

Also, Roon seems to be having trouble recognizing my PS Audio DSD, which has always worked seamlessly. It was working for a bit, then connection began dropping, now Roon doesn’t find it at all. MConnect find the PSA Bridge on the network immediately, so the issue is def with Roon.

I had no issues before update. Can I rollback?

Which QNAP QTS version do you use?

And if it is a 64bit one like 4.3.2 onwards you better get Christophers 1.0.2 version and install it yes.

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I switched from the version number to a build date a few days ago, to prevent confusion between version number of the package and the RoonServer build.
The package will always install the latest RoonServer build. RoonServer will then update itself like on any other platform.