Qnap to M-DAC popping/clicking noise when playing

Hi, new user here (1 hour!). I am using a QNAP TVS 473, 16gb RAM with M.2 SSD. I am connecting via USB to an Audiolabs M-DAC

I have landed here having spent ages trying to get my head round Music Station 5 and PLEX. I have loaded and tried Roon and at first glance love it! I would like to subscribe full time but on testing have discovered a fundamental problem. As soon as a music track plays, it sounds as thought the needle on a record is clicking and jumping. If I listen carefully it sounds as though the track is jumping back by just a few miliseconds. I see that there are some adjustments that can be made to the USB driver but being totally new to this, don’t want to start meddling without some advice.

Does anyone know what s causing this and whether it can be “fixed”.


There is at least one other DAC in the universe the pop/clicks every time it gets a different sample-rate file. MY Zggy does that too. If the pop/click happens whenEVER you change tracks, then I take it all back. Should only click when its off/on or changing samples.

AFAIK, there’s no fix. Its the internal DAC relay. If Roon is skipping to the next track because of the delayed start, there is a Sync/Delay setting. Go to Settings/Audio//Device Setup. Good luck.

Thanks JohnV.

I don’t think the sampling rate changes. It’s while I am listening to any track. My reference to records was more to do with the sound you get when the stylus is dirty. Ths “skipping” is only a momentary blip which is only just perceptible but sounds like a buffer reset or overflow where a milli second of audio is resent. To be honest I have no real knowledge of this stuff so may not be describing too well.