QNAP TS-215D not able to find roon app on app sight

I just purchased this NAS which has the Celeron J4005 is a dual-core 64-bit x86 Processor. I can’t find the roon app in the download store on the Qnap. Should this work with the latest software?

It doesn’t meet the minimum recommended hardware specification as defined by Roon Labs:

Using a NAS to act as Roon Core only, no other functionality or software used from it, sounds strange to me as a NAS and its OS are designed and optimized with other purposes in mind and therefore not ideal for the task as Roon Core – better use a NUC with ROCK instead.
If you plan to use your NAS for other things too, it might act lame and/or sluggish at times or you might even loose connection to it and/or music stops playing. IMO the two core processor can become a real bottleneck here. Also the Roon DB should reside on a SSD for good performance while the actual music files, if you have any, can reside on a HDD. But a HDD might also become a bottleneck if other processes on the NAS are also using it (heavily).
So I wouldn’t expect too much from Roon on this NAS.

Thank you very much. I kept scratching my head thinking what am I missing.