Qnap ts 670pro, roon does not see my music [SOLVED]

Hi, I installed the ROON 1.8 update on imac and on qnap ts 670 pro, in the program in qnap I indicated the folder where all my music albums are, when I first started ROON, qnap was automatically detected as the kernel, the IMAC program sees the ROON kernel, but does not see it when launching files installed on the disk in the albums tab is empty, why, how to do it so that you can see the albums installed on your disk in qnap

the problem is solved, it turns out that it was necessary to manually register the path to the smb folder so that roon will see it and start scanning

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There seems to be a bug, which is currently investigated. Local files should actually not need to be mounted over smb.

This might be a workaround, but Iā€™d recommend to change it back to local files, once the issue is resolved.

Can you please post a scrennshot how to configure that.
Thx Martin