QNAP TVS-471 High Memory Usage

I have been tracking this for a few days now. The memory usage climbs every day until all available memory is being used. Every morning I stop Roon Server on my QNAP TVS-471 so I can track it. My QNAP has 16GB of memory. When I restart in the morning the memory usage drops to around 22%. I just checked it now it was at 78.5%. I realize that Roon is always running however I haven’t played any mimic since early this morning. My thinking is that it happened after the last Roon update to Build 1223 since I never noticed it before the last update. Is anyone else seeing this? Here is a screen shot from the QNAP.

My TVS-471 idling at 19% of 16 GB in use. Haven’t used Roon since yesterday.

Thanks. Sounds like it’s something here. Not sure how to figure it out but I will keep searching.

Just a quick update. Roon pushed an update yesterday that while it didn’t say anything about memory, may have solved my issue. Roon has been running on my QNAP since yesterday and the RAM usage has not moved above 17% usage.

Interesting you mention that. For the last release or two, Roon was using about 5.6GB of RAM on my Synology DS918+. Never had performance issues or anything, and I have plenty of RAM, but that is almost twice as much as it used to use. Now, as of today, it’s consistently back down to 2.8-2.9GB.