QNAP users please note - Malware Infection


Thanks for moving it Carl…it’s 5am here and I’m not quite with the program yet :sleeping:

This is great info. I didn’t even know that QNAP had a Malware Remover. I just installed it and ran it. No malware.

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Thank you for the warning, I also installed the Malware Remover and no malware on my QNAP.

How do you know if your infected?

Download the remover, run it and see.

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I ran it and a list of malware discoveries on my QNAP resulted… not good
As has been mentioned kind of odd its not included as part of the basic security package and why a comprehensive virus scan wouldn’t catch this stuff.
Anyway lesson learned and good it’s now running on a daily basis

As so many of us probably have a qnap NAS I’m surprised at the brevity of this thread.

Is this a non issue for the majority of us?

I’ve just spent a wet few days in Brussels for the Brexit weekend that never was…

and I’m wondering what precautions I should take when I restart my QNAP NAS?


Perhaps better a wet weekend in Brussels than Brexit :rofl:

I’m beginning to doubt the accuracy of the malware remover results. At least after the first time used.
It tells me malware identified and removed and I have to restart. Once done I get the exact same messaging and so on ad infinitum after each daily scan. Not confidence filling - initial absence of coverage and end result once installed