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Roon with QNAP is working well. But is this a longtime supportet platform for Roon with full attention? Or will you focus on the own hardware and major platforms windows and mac only in the future? How long is the time, that you release a qnap version after releasing Roon hardware oder a win version?

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I hope you won’t be disappointed with a non-committal or non-answer from Roon. They rarely answer such questions. One can only look at their prior behavior and make your decision.

Why not just keep using QNAP until performance degrades?

Their own hardware, the Nucleus, runs the Linux Core, as does ROCK. That’s the same Linux Roon Core that your QNAP runs. The value add of Crestron support in the Nucleus is in the form of an extension (plugin). So it stands to reason that your QNAP will not be left behind. Even if an official QNAP package eventually gets dropped due to lack of interest to maintain, you can always run the Linux core yourself in a VM or Docker container on the QNAP.

Hey @Stefan_Fritz

When we release a Core update for Roon, it goes live for all platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux.

When that happens, all platforms that run our Linux version get access as well – that goes for Nucleus, ROCK, NAS platforms like QNAP and Synology, and so on. We don’t have any plans for this process to change.

One thing I should mention is that our NAS installers are built and supported by @crieke, but they just install the same Linux Core, so anyone running on QNAP gets the same version of Roon as everyone else when it goes live.

Hope that helps!

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