Qobus playlists not showing when trying to "Save to Playlist"

Hi: new user here. I see my Qobus playlists when I am browsing Qobus via Roon. However, if I am playing a song and want to “Save to Playlist” the only option is one playlist whose origin I am not even sure of (maybe created in Sonos), but it ain’t one of my Qobus playlists. Same problem using my iphone and my iPad as remotes.

I thought that Roon would allow me to save to any playlist among those I’d created in any of my services or within Roon. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

If it is, any suggestions to fix the problem much appreciated.

Roon only allows you to add to roon playlists. It does not save to Qobuz or Tidal playlists.

Jeez, that seems like a major limitation for a service that purports to “manage” many sources. I guess I can import playlists into Roon from other sources, but there doesn’t yet seem to be a way to do so from Qobus, which I just started using instead of Tidal.

It doesn’t manage many sources it manages your roon library. Roon was introduced as a local library manager before Tidal etc were available.


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