Qobuz 192/24 stutters on MacMini 2012 (MacOS 10.15.4)

@john, let me see if it happens again, and then I will send you the logs with the required details.

@john, out of interest, what are the general errors?


It happens again, here is the link to the logs https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1zbejgh670amn8/Logs.zip?dl=0

A. The name of the currently playing track.
Cassandra Wilson - Strange Fruit

B. The local time that the issue occurred.
5:40 PM Monday 25 2020

C. The date the issue occurred.
Monday 25 2020

D. A description of what the audio sounds like when the issue occurred.

Sounds stuttered, stopped and re-started

E. Did you see any errors appear in Roon when the issue occurred?


PS: Please note that this issue does not happen with the Linn Kazoo.

Hello @QuinnT,

Thank you for the logs, I’ve forwarded them to the QA team for analysis.


@john, @noris - I understand that it is not easy to figure out what is going on, it could be the machine (the MacMini or MacOS), it could be the network, it could be the cable, switch, or the linn klimax dsm itself? I it definitely happens from time to time, and when it happens I just restart the Roon Server, or reboot the Linn streamer or do both to make the problem goes away.

Hello @QuinnT,

We have some changes to the Linn streaming code coming in the next release of the Roon client that may impact the behavior you are seeing. When this release is out, please update us and let us know if you are seeing any changes in the behavior. If it is not fixed in the update we will continue to track this issue with you.


thanks @john, that is certainly a good news.

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