Qobuz Album not shown in Roon

@support Hi!

I added a new release album “Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”

Junkie XL


to my Qobuz account (favourites) but even after syncing my account in roon yesterday and today it’s not showing in Roon.

If I search inside Roon for the album it’s also not shown, but is available in native qobuz app.

Many thanks!
Regards, Tony.

Qobuz new releases don’t always appear straight away in Roon. It’s something to do with the Roon database and when Qobuz supply Roon with the information. It is rather annoying. There’s a new album that I want to listen to that’s also suffered the same fate! Everything is normally rectified in a couple of days.

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I’ll give it some more time then - but yes, slightly annoying all the same :slight_smile:

Use the “Refresh” button on the Qobuz page in Roon. In most cases it does the Roon - Qobuz synchronization.

Not on new releases that haven’t yet been added to the Roon database. In order for Roon to sync with Qobuz, Roon needs to add an album into its database. If Qobuz provide the info in advance of the release then all’s good, but if not then there can be a delay.

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