Qobuz Album won't sync to Roon?

I too just was caught with this issue.
Here in America, I Favorited Kate Bush’s 2018 Rhino Releases. After they never showed up in Roon, I thought I would try to “Add Them To My Library” from within Roon, only to not be able to find them at all from within the Roon app.
Returning to the Qobuz app, I noticed that the little “Hi Rez” icon on thos albums had the tiny descriptor “Available In” just above it, and when I clicked Play, only an MP3 stream played , with only a snippet of each track.
So… that’s why it’s not in Roon :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

We’ve received word from Qobuz that they’ve rolled out an update that should resolve any syncing issues. Let us know how things are going now that this fix has been released.


I’ve got a stubborn Qobuz title that’s in my favorites than not only won’t sync to Roon, but is invisible even if I make a dedicated playlist with it. It’s not searchable via Roon either.


It’s the hi-rez version of Andre Previn’s Holst The Planets

MQA from Tidal IS showing, but the Qobuz isn’t listed in versions their either. I’ve confirmed it will play on the Qobuz apps in the US.

Thanks for looking into this.

Edit: I’ve found more. 5 right in a row!

Wonder what gives? This is NOT getting it done to have to compare Qobuz and Roon favorites, yes?

Hi @Tatifan,

Please see my post from another Topic below:

Apologies for the trouble here.

Thank you for looking into it. Those titles DO show up now.

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I guess the same problem here: In Qobuz I’ve added this Dexter Gordon album below to my favourites, but it is not showing up in Roon. Neither in the Album list, nor in the Qobuz favorites screen in Roon. In fact, none of the albums released by Complete Jazz Series seem to show up in Roon. How do I fix this?

Link to Qobuz: https://open.qobuz.com/album/0884385413279

And now it appeared as magic?? :+1:

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