Qobuz albums added since June 7 disappeared from library

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 6i5SYH

Networking Gear & Setup Details

DSL internet connection, Eero Pro mesh network

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi running Ropieee (wired connection to Eero), Chromecast Audio (wireless), Anthem receiver (HDMI)

Library Size

42,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Yesterday all Qobuz albums added since June 7 disappeared from my Roon library. They still appear in the Qobuz app. Qobuz albums added on June 7 and before are unchanged in Roon.

I tried rebooting my core, syncing my Qobuz library, and logging in and out of Qobuz.

Hello @Jesse,

Thanks so much for sharing all the details that you have and for notifying us of this issue.

Could you please use the instructions below and send us a set of logs as well?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hey @Jesse,

I just checked with our technical team and, there is one step that might resolve the issue, if you want to try it.

Could you please change your Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS.

Please, do let me know if it helps.

Thanks, @rebeka! Where should I send the logs? Last time I had an issue Noris gave me a link to a shared drive where I could upload them.

Do you mean that I should change the DNS servers on the DSL modem, or the Eero system connected to it?

Ok, the missing albums are back. I haven’t changed anything. Should I close this support request, or is there a way to diagnose the underlying issue and prevent it from happening again?

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Hey @Jesse,

Thanks for keeping us updated every step of the way.

When I suggested changing the DNS I was referring to your router, as explained below:

Without an active issue, it might be almost impossible to diagnose. How would you feel about keeping this thread open, in case the issue resurfaces? :nerd_face:

Hi @rebeka,

Sounds good. Meanwhile, I have changed the DNS settings on the Eero. Thanks for your help!



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