Qobuz albums aren’t syncing to Roon [Qobuz NOT Resolved]


I am now experiencing the supposedly resolved issue of Qobuz not syncing correctly with Roon. As was the case with the earlier issue, the albums are still shown under “Favorites” in the Qobuz desktop app but the albums no longer appear in Roon. Can you please reach out to Qobuz and make them aware that the syncing problem has not been resolved.

Also what, if anything, should I be doing on my end?

Follow up:

The situation is getting worse with my Roon library showing less and less Qobuz albums. Even albums I’ve added from Qobuz back into Roon since I wrote the post above. One minute the albums are there and then they are gone.

Yup, it is also happening again on my side. the last time it happened was merely 2-3 weeks ago.
@Ralph_Pantuso , personally I won’t do anything until they suddenly decide to show up again, then I’ll recover from my back up, as the tracks in my playlist tends to disappear permanently while the albums are mostly will re appear.

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The Albums decide to re appear today, but as expected all my Roon playlist with tracks from Qobuz did not make it; so need to restore them from the back up now. Hope this resolved permanently soon

Same here, however since I have very few playlists (I don’t tend to use playlists that much) I can’t say that is problem with any of them.

By the way once I saw that all the Qobuz albums were still listed as Favorites on the Qobuz app I decided not to get too panicked since I figured that they would return sometime sooner or later.

Spoke to soon
Last night, All Qobuz albums decided to went AWOL again :laughing:

PS: This is not a complain but I’ll keep post the occurence of this specific issue at my end for documentation purposes, so you’ll have more data for discussion with Qobuz side

Like all customers with this problem, you probably will not get any answer, or any serious answer, from Roon. It is outrageous, but it really seems to be the way the company deals with this issue. Isnt it ?

Luckily all the Qobuz albums have reappeared in my Roon library, at least for now. By the way I completely with you that although the problem appears to be caused by something on the Qobuz side, that is not a valid reason for Roon support not address the issue. Asking the customer to resolve the issue is not customer service but unfortunately this is all too often the case in the computer/technology world. “Blame the other guy” is the first approach, whether it is a hardware, software or network issue.

Going forward I am keeping track of the size of my Qobuz library just in case the issue reappears.

You write this even though you have already been enlightened in your thread. Anger is understandable, but it must not appear malicious.

Roon support has addressed the issue. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still annoying.


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