Qobuz albums aren't syncing to Roon [Qobuz Resolved]

Most of my albums came back over night. Still having the issue that some of my Tags appear empty on iOS.

My albums also returned in the last 6 hours.

Nothing here in OZ still

My Qobuz albums are coming back wile I am typing this.

Hooray …

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Mine too. 999 had been left without Qobuz, gained 392 back so far, currently 1,391 :slight_smile:
Edit: The last sync had been an hour ago, so I thought I’d try a forced sync. This reduced the albums back to 1,340 … I guess I better wait doing nothing

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Thanks for the patience over the weekend, everyone. We’ve discussed wth Qobuz this morning and got some more information about the current status of this issue.

Last week, a sync process on their servers was failing and that was repaired. Since then, their system has been processing every individual Qobuz account in order to resolve the problem. Most of the accounts have been processed, but there are still some that have not been completed. It is expected that the remaining accounts should be processed by their system today.

We will continue to monitor the situation and are hopeful that, after their system finishes processing today, this issue will be resolved for good.

We appreciate everyone’s patience so far and ask that you hang tight just a little longer, things should be back to normal soon!


I just noticed this today in USA…is there anything I need to do on my end?

No, just wait.

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Almost a week now; still not syncing

My Qobuz albums vanished on Friday night and came back today. I’m not sure if it’s all of them yet, but at least they are coming in. :+1:

EDIT: Just to let everyone know, in case you are wondering: I also added two additional Qobuz albums while the others were away, and they are still there.

Mine have been picking up again, am now at 1,915, still missing a hundred or so, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Starting to get my stuff back. Not all of it though.

Hi, Same here I opened Roon this morning and saw that all my Qobuz archive are gone, and I used my old backup however the problem is still there.

After re-login and a couple of sync retries, Roon still removes my Qobuz archive immediletly.

Mine went back down to 1340 albums in the album overview, but 1505 are being announced in Browse > Home :sweat:

Edit: A few hours later up to 1995 in the overview and 2363 in Browse > Home. Go, little buddy, you can do it! :smiley:

I’m still missing 476 tracks


I have only 54 remainings, thanks for your support guys!

The situation has improved today, but Roon is still missng about 40 Qobuz albums. I don’t have the patience to compare Roon app to the Qobuz app to see exactly which titles are missing, there are too many to go through.

This unreliability is frustrating (and all too common these days in many services/products). :confounded:

As of 1:50 pm CST 6/14/2021 the issue remains open for me.

Well over a week now without qobuz to roon sync has been extremely disappointing for a new roon user, and over 900 albums still missing!

I was going to buy a year roon subscription next month, but not anymore sadly.

@support I think we are entitled to know a little about what measures have been taken by both qobuz and roon to ensure this and similar issues will not happen again??

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What a mess . all my Qobuz albums I added to library have vanished. I have no idea what happened. They were there yesterday.

I’m using a Zen Mini server

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