Qobuz albums aren't syncing to Roon [Qobuz Resolved]

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all again for your patience on this one. We looked into this and it there ended up being an issue with the server that was syncing data to us from Qobuz. We worked with them on this and they’ve confirmed that they made a fix on their end which seems to be working. If you’re still not seeing your favorites, hang tight! They should be available soon.


I’m still not having Qobuz favorites appear in Roon library unless I manually add them. Any suggestions?


oops, missed this response. Will hang tight, TY

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Hi @dylan
Unfortunately mine are disappearing after a few seconds of restoring my back-up. It’s making me very sad.

Should it be fixed by now, I was assuming it would be as others are saying theirs is fixed.


You shouldn’t need to restore a backup. In Roon, try going to Settings > Services > Edit Qobuz, and click the “Sync library now” link.

Hey @JSR & @Daniel_Haythornthwai — It looks like things should be fully complete from the Qobuz fix, and we’re definitely seeing some positive reports, but it seems like some accounts are still seeing issues. We’re going to continue working with Qobuz on this and will follow up ASAP.


Thanks for getting back to us.
@JSR sorry to say this but I’m kind of glad I’m not the only one! Fingers crossed we’ll be back up and running properly soon.

My favorites populated on Roon this am.
Hope you also have success soon!

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Favorites populated to Roon this am. Thank you for your technical help and keeping me in the loop!

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Hi Dylan, I’m experiencing the same issue, around 2000 albums are suddenly missing.

@Daniel_Haythornthwai & @pascabl — We discussed further with Qobuz. It turns out the fix was implemented, but it will take some time for this to process for all accounts. It is expected that this will probably continue processing for a few more days. Unfortunately, I can’t give specific timelines for specific accounts, but the good news is that this should be fixed for everyone soon. Thanks for your patience again, everyone!


Just lost mine too. A restore brought them back, but they are now disappearing one by one!
@dylan it’s worrying that my albums have vanished after the supposed fix. I’n in the UK.


I had no idea of this problem until now. I just lost all of my Qobuz albums within the past couple hours. It appears the sync issue isn’t yet resolved. A reboot and a forced sync and they’re back and now they’re are all gone again.

Qobuz doesn’t show up as a storage location in Focus any longer. I see ~20000 items to be purged in Library Cleanup…I’ll leave them be for now, of course.

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I’ve also just lost mine in the last couple of hours. I would appear that the “fix” has caused additional problems. Rebooting and resyncing multiple times has brought all the albums back.

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Same problem in the last hour, Qobuz albums disappeared.
I have never experienced any issue until now. Any solutions?

Hang tight, don’t do anything like Clean Library or you’ll lose any track play count info once they resolve the issue.

I did this and then realized my mistake and promptly restored from backup. It needs to be fixed on Roon/Qobuz side not locally (for now anyway).

Yes, definitely don’t clean your library.

I’ve had this once before and then, as now, I restored everything by several reboots and resyncs. The albums came back in batches. Basically I resync then reboot then resync etc. until everything’s back.

I’m having the same issue with Qobuz in Roon. Nothing from Qobuz in “My Library”. I’m in New York.

I lost all of my Qobuz albums a couple hours ago but then found I was locked out of my Qobuz account when I logged out and tried to log back in.
Once I had password finally reset I saw I truly had zero albums anymore in my Qobuz account via web browser not Roon.

So I assumed I had been hacked by a spiteful little oik but maybe not?

Anyone else actually lose all albums when you look in your Qobuz account not via Roon?

This morning, without taking any action to resolve, the Qobuz favourites are back in my library.
The fix appears to have worked for me, so far.

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