Qobuz albums aren't syncing to Roon [Qobuz Resolved]

Clearly the 'fix" being rolled out is no fix at all. My library was “fixed” three days ago, but this morning it has all gone again. I started this thread on May 31st and looking at the posts recently it appears that more and more people are being affected - Roon really needs to get on top of this.


Same here all Qobuz albums are gone

‘Amateur year’ more like. This is the latest in a series of issues rendering Roon unusable for me, with very limited support from the Roon team.

So yes, add me to the list - no Qobuz albums in my library…

Very unhappy camper.


My library is empty since today. All the Qobuz Albums are gone. This is shocking!

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Same here (Netherlands) all my music gone :hot_face:

Apologies for the trouble, everyone. We reached out to Qobuz about this a few days ago when we first saw reports of this and a fix was implemented on their side to resolve syncing issues. This fix is still processing through accounts, but in the meantime, it looks like more people have been affected. We are continuing to investigate with Qobuz and will update everyone ASAP.


Same issue here.

No sync from qobuz to roon for well over a week now, and today my whole qobuz library just vanished in roon, looks like a weekend without Roon for me - my patience is beginning to wear very thin now.

Same issue going on here! Pretty much what I’m seeing from anyone else, so I won’t add more detail, but I’m happy to if it becomes helpful at any time.

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Thanks for the update @dylan - I use tags a lot with Qobuz/Roon and noticed that some tags had close to zero albums rather than several hundred. Still not resolved but will hang tight over the weekend.

Same problem just happened today… WTF?

Also got the issue since this morning.

It looks as though we will have to wait for a permanent solution. In the meantime

Did you have edited metadata for those and did that come back too?

Edited metadata should be fine, and indeed mine is. It’s all contained in your library. Just don’t try and clean up library when Qobuz sync isn’t working!


Thanks, I dared to re-add one album and indeed, metadata edit is back

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Everything gone here in Sweden. Really bad this. Qobuz or Roon issue? Amateurs. I can accept minor issues but this is… :skull:

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It most certainly is odd how it is affecting members in slightly different ways.

After my account was hacked and I regained control and found all my albums were indeed missing from Qobuz direct.
I restored from Roon backup and when it had finished I saw all of my Qobuz albums in Roon.
But as I was watching the album count started reducing again and my heart sank.
The album count dropped down to about half of my known number, stopped and slowly started to increase again.
All of this with myself doing nothing!
It then stopped at about 300 albums shy of where it should have been.
I restarted my Nuc and Roon server, left it for a few and when I checked again, album count was back to normal.
And still is right now.

Most disturbing TBH.

Same problem just hit me here in UK – all my Qobuz albums have just disappeared from my library - this happened some time in the last 3 hours, they were there earlier this afternoon.