Qobuz albums aren't syncing to Roon [Qobuz Resolved]

Same problem, Qobuz albums disappeared.
Should we wait for Roon support to fix this, or try to restore a backup?

Backup does not help. Your albums are still there but the link to them is broken.
Waiting for Roon to get it fixed is the only sensible thing to fo


Piling on= Same :-(. Backup doesn’t work. Hope its a easy transition back and my trying to restore didn’t f the the future fix…

I’m currently having this problem in the US. All Qobuz albums are missing from my Roon library only. I noticed on the forums here that the issue previously came up in January. The link between the two services gets broken due to server maintenance. I guess Qobuz fixed it before because the thread was closed as resolved.

Thanks, @dylan !

This is coming up to a full month for me!

And the second time, as similar issue drained Qobuz out of Roon back in January:

And re-raised after this issue resurfaced for me in mid-April.

@dylan I do appreciate the work that the team is doing to resolve, but Qobuz <> Roon infra or service failures recurring, and rolling on for a month is very concerning!

Apparently it is a worldwide problem, Qobuz favourites can not be sync properly in ROON… I have over 1000albums in Qobuz, completely gone since yesterday. Waiting for a fix , hopefully soon.

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My stance on the issue can be seen in this thread:


Same issue here. Roon is unusable for the moment. Not a happy customer for the moment.

Your Qobuz Favorites list is still intact, so in Roon you can always go to Qobuz > My Qobuz >Favorite Albums > More and play an album from there.

It’s a workaround until the syncing process gets your Qobuz albums back into your Library…

BTW, you can always try a manual sync (Settings > Services > Qobuz > Sync library now). It works for some people, although not for everyone.


@Marin_Weigel The unnerving part is the problem. I did not spent hundreds and hundreds of hours grooming my telephone or internet service, and I know that when it’s back it’s back. I am not being informed personally by them, but I can open their app and check for known issues at my address.

I don’t know how bad it is when I wake up and see my Roon empty and a backup restore not helping. It’s understandable that people are shocked at first. Though yeah, once you find the issue on the forum, it’s not a critical problem, I agree with this

Sorry, Geoff, that’s not what I’m paying for. Still a dissatisfied customer.

Just got all my albums back.

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Same issue here. No Qobuz albums in my favourites … :frowning:

Same problem here, really frustrating.

I continue to have the same issue - 6/12/2021

This is still broken. When will it be fixed, please?

Yesterday I saw the same problem here and wanted to clean-up my library but glad I didn’t do that. I was and still am pretty sick so can’t concentrate very good at the moment so I thought it would be better to wait before ruin anything.

If I understand it good the fix will come or is there already and one hasn’t have to do anything? Will this fix also fix alternative versions which are on both my NAS and Qobuz so they will be grouped again? And date added? Or to put it a bit simpler, will my library be the same again after the fix?

And maybe I missed it but a mail from both Qobuz and Roon would have been nice so this didn’t shock the hell out of me, and a lot of other users. But if there was a mail I didn’t seen it. Also not in my spam box.

Oh, now I’m getting a strange security mail that a new device have logged in in Roon. The time is correct and it was me but it was the same device I always use🙄

But, for now I will wait patiently in the hope all of this will get fixed. I have faith in both Roon an Qobuz :wink:.

No, if I just play Qobuz, I don’t get the fine control over signal or sound quality. So that’s not really all that acceptable as a work-around. The problem is, there isn’t a work-around. And no, sync does not work either.

The initial shock of finding all the Qobuz in my library vanished overnight has worn off. Now it’s this feeling of deep dread and concern about why Roon and Qobuz don’t seem able to track down this problem and fix it. It must be a very complex problem to have such a massive effect and something the engineers of Qobuz and Roon can’t figure out. This wipes out half the benefit or value of having Roon. To not be able to fix something with that impact is very alarming.

And not to get more meaningful information and updates from Roon is also troubling.


You can still play from Roon > Qobuz > My Qobuz and get all the Roon DSP controls

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