Qobuz-albums-arent-syncing-to-roon... Reprise? [Resolved - Qobuz is tracking individual customer cases]

Qobuz albums added since April 2020 aren’t syncing.

@dylan, thanks for your help with this last time. Please could you help me investigate this?

Roon Core Machine

Latest ROCK on NUC.
Not a client hardware issue.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Not a client network issue.

Connected Audio Devices

Not a connected devices issue.

Number of Tracks in Library

14,000 albums

Description of Issue

Qobuz albums added since April 2020aren’t syncing.

Very similar to the mid-fix behaviour that I observed when Qobuz were resolving a server-side issue that altogether stopped album sync with Roon for many users. More here…

Hello @Jack_O_Donoghue

My apologies for the delayed response here. We’re sorry to hear that you’re among the customers who are still seeing these issues with Qobuz. Please see the staff post I’m linking below and reach out to Qobuz directly to alert them of your troubles. They’re been coordinating directly with Roon/Qobuz customers to get this resolved. Thanks!

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