Qobuz albums do not play

Core Machine
Intel NUC NUCi7BEH | Corsair 8Gb RAM | M2 WD 120Gb | 2.5" Samsung 4Tb QVO

Network Details
NUC directly connected to ADSL (ISP) router

Audio Devices
Devialet Expert Pro 440

Library Size
~60.000 tracks

Description of Issue
I’ve a Qobuz Sublime+ account that I’ve registered to Roon (Setting → Services). When I play a Qobuz album it takes very long to start playing (~5 minutes). After a few tacks Roon seems to “hang”. Even playing local storage (library) tracks doesn’t work anymore. I’ve to [RESTART] the Roon Server Software through the WebUI to have everything functioning again.

Approaching Qobuz for example using there app or https://play.qobuz.com doesn’t result into problems. Response is quick and smooth.

In the past everything used to work as might be expected. I can’t tell when problems started to appear, It must be somewhere around the publication of build 790.

Any sugestions?


Qobuz playing has improved without me changing anything, This case can be closed

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